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Premier Tanning Studio at LionHeart

Unlimited Fitness and Tanning only $19.99/month!

When you tan at LionHeart, you can choose from these 4 great options below! No matter your taste, LionHeart’s premium tanning studio has a solution for you, at a price you can afford and a time that’s just right.

9 Minute 2m Tanning Booths ~ 2 Booths

The elegant 2m gives you premium vertical tanning. The 50 lamp, 79” long Rave 180 APR lamps produce an excellent, all over tan in a 9 minute session. The overall height of the unit is 95″, able to tan the tallest customers. Additionally, 28 cooling fans exhaust the heat and bathe you in a whirlwind of air.

10 Minute Hex II Booths ~ 2 Booths

Hex verticals are unique. They are the best designed, best engineered tanning systems available. Each custom made-hand crafted Hex bed is equipped with 46 reflector lamps and has reflective material behind the lamps, floors, and ceiling to provide the best tanning experience possible.

11 Minute Sundazzler Booths ~ 2 Booths

The 11 minute Sundazzler is powered by 46 Rave 160 APR 160-watt lamps. Our clients will enjoy the convenience of this powerful tanning session. The Sundazzler is truly “America’s Best Tan”.

20 Minute Pure Tan Beds ~ 2 Beds

This tanning bed is packed with the power and features you need to get a great tan. These beds deliver a consistently beautiful, bronze tan during its 20-minute tanning sessions.